classical percussion
Sound of Rec.Cussion a cross over ensemble consisting of Ella Moray Williams on Recorders, accompanied by various musicians on percussion has been performing in Denmark since 1998. The music is performed in a variety of venues, including museums, cultural centres, festivals, libraries, institutions and for social gatherings.

The group has been given recitals across Denmark and performs a mixed program of both new and early music, both lyrically listening music and lively dance music from medieval to modern times with improvisation. Aside from the varied repertoire, the music is performed on a varied array of instruments such as Renaissance and modern Recorders in all sizes, Vibraphone, Marimba and various percussion.

Alongside the musical program, they also provide anecdotes about the music and the composers.
Sound of Rec.Cussion offers a nontraditional instrument composition that complements
each other well with their pure and raw natural sounds.

Price: 4250 DKK plus the cost of instrument transport.