12208626 731880116945884 8041672762643183015 nPoppy thinks she is a rather neat and clever clown, but she is is not always aware of the fact, that she can be very absently and clumsy. She is something of a child prodigy on her recorder, but is quite ignorant towards anything that is outside the world of music. She believes she is on a mission, as she thinks the politicians in Denmark do not pay enough attention to culture in general.

Poppy loves parties and people. She makes musical playgroups with children or choir rehearsals with adults and never says ‘No’ to an invitation. So if you are in need of a clever, joyful and loving clown at your party at home, at the daycare or at your next event, please do not hesitate to take contact.

Watch from 1m 25s


Roskilde Synger 2015

Event, Damhuskroen 2014

Lillerød kirke, Familyevent 2012

Pecha Kucha Night 2012

Holbæk Sundhedsdag 2012

Krifa , Familyevent 2009

Kløverhuset, Elderly center, Christmasparty 2008

Rødovre Daycare day 2007