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Recorder lessons are offered as solo instruction.

Elementary Instruction is offered for children starting from age four, but must include the active  participation of a parent. The instruction builds on elements from musical playgroup and assumes that the parent helps the child to practice at home.

Teambuilding workshop for employees. Try working together in a new context. Playing in a recorder ensemble is challenging. We are working with keywords as intonation, listening, playing a solo, playing in harmony, following eachother. The teacher brings the instruments sSATB and sheets. The level is  very basic, everyone will be able to participate.

The methodology is based on the relative note reading, improvisation and learning by heart. There is a strong emphasis on sound formation, articulation, intonation hand and body position. The student will play Early music, contemporary music, rhythmic music and folk music 


25/50 minutes solo  210/420 kr. Before 17 o'clock. 235\470 kr. after 17 o'clock

50 minutes ensemble (depending on the amount of students) 

You can sign up for a cycle of lessons, or receive a discount by registering for weekly lessons  over a season.
While under instruction, pupils can also participate in concerts, and events enabling them to experience how their music is performed in front of an audience.

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